Jhoenel Marquez (Winner of IRWS in Cebu) Interview: ANIME is my love

Jhoenel Marquez is a singer from the Philippines, who won…


Jhoenel Marquez is a singer from the Philippines, a member of “Team OKE Gakuen”, who sing J-pop and ANIME songs. He won at Int’l Red&White Singing Festival in Cebu 2018.

Jhoenel Marquez Interview

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Interview Script

――Would you introduce yourself?

Jhoenel: Um, my name is Jhoenel Marquez and I am from Philippines.

And, ANIME is my love.
I was singing Japanese music because of ANIME.

And, as of right now I’m expanding my genre.
Not only for ANIME but also from the J-pop genre.


Jhoenel: Yeah, and thanks to my ah… group, in the Philippines which is “Team OKE Gakuen”.

Because it is a group of a Filipino people who’s very enthusiastic in singing J-pop and ANIME music.

And, they are the one who is recruiting me, last February 2017.

And, that’s the start of my journey to sing ah… ANIME and J-pop songs.


Jhoenel: And, actually I’d like also to thank “Team OKE Gakuen” because they are the ones who introduced me to this kind of event.

Because, this kind of event was being held in Cebu, but I am from um… nearby Manila which is very far away.
But they introduced me this event and let… letting me try to audition.

They are choosing a Filipino contestant who’s going to participate for the Red And White Singing Festival here in Japan.
And, gladly I was being chosen to go here in Japan and join the festival here.

――What… what did you sing at that time?

Jhoenel: At that time I sing a song which is very popular in the Philippines because this song was came from an ANIME, “HAJIME-NO-IPPO.”


Jhoenel: It is an ending song and the title is “YUZORA-NO-KAMIHIKOUKI.”

And, I just like that song very much because it reminds me of my childhood memories.

Because the ANIME was being aired when I was a child.

And while ah… while I’m listening to “YUZORA-NO-KAMIHIKOUKI,” I just remided my childhood days, my happy childhood days.


Jhoenel: That’s why I chose that song to sing in the Cebu.

And, now, I sing a song from “One liter of tears” which is a drama series here in Japan.

And, I sing “KONAYUKI” which is also being played in the “One liter of tears.”

And, that song was so sad because it is a story of a girl who’s having a hard time because of her disease.

But she keeps on fighting and keep on smiling because there is no point if you’re going to be sad over something which is you can’t do.