Keisha Claudia (Winner of IRWS in Bali) Interview: It’s almost destiny coming to Japan

Keisha Claudia (14) is a singer from Bali, Indonesia, who won…


Keisha Claudia (14) is a singer from Bali, Indonesia, who won the Best Performance Award at Int’l Red&White Singing Festival in Bali 2018.

Keisha Claudia Interview

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Interview Script

Part 1 : It’s almost destiny coming to Japan

――Would you introduce yourself?

Keishia: Hello, I’m Keishia.
And I’m from Bali, Denpasar.

――How old are you?

Keishia: Ah, I’m 14 years old.

――So, you won the competition in Bali, right?

Keishia: Yeah, I won the competitions in Bali.
So, I can go here.

――How many people?

Keishia: Umm, at Bali, I think it’s about 20 people.

I attend this event it is because I wanna try something new since… ah yeah, I wanna try something new.
So it will help me to improve my skills, ability or maybe my mental on singing, too.
And yeah, that’s why I attend this competitions.

Ah, at first, I don’t know this competition.
It was my mom, my mom saw it from Instagram and she told me to attend this.
So yeah, maybe it’s a destiny or something ’cause…
Yeah, I can go here without any reasons and yeah, and thank you.

――When did you start singing?

Keishia: Umm, I start singing when I was a kid ’cause I love to dance. I love to sing.
And, I tried to improve my skill, it is when I was seven years old.

I told my mom that I want to go to a singing lessons and she helped me, she helped me to go there. So, yeah.

――Who is your favorite singer?

Keishia: Umm, I love many favorite singer but I think for now, I go with Stevie Wonder.


Keishia: Yeah, Stevie Wonder.

――What do you like about Stevie Wonder?

Keishia: For Stevie Wonder, ummm, he can sing even when he is blind, but he shows that I can do it.

He shows that if you really really love it, you have to practice more, practice more, and everybody will notice it.

So, yeah, I sense like that. That’s why I love it.

Part 2 : Visiting the statue of Hachiko, the Faithful Dog

Keishia: This is my first time in Japan.
Ah, I think I love Japan ‘cause how it is neat.

And, it’s a little bit… it’s different from Indonesia.
Ah, it’s, it is something new to me, so, yeah.

――How about food?

Keishia: Oh, the food. I really love the RAMEN, and the curry rice, I think, yeah.

I wanna try something more, too, but I can’t ’cause… yeah, maybe tomorrow.
I try to Harajuku…


Keishia: Shibuya and the Hachiko Statue.
I wanna go there, I really love the movie.

――Hachiko movie?

Keishia: Yeah, it’s… it’s my childhood, I know this when I was… I don’t know, 10 maybe?

I watched this movie and I cried, ah…!
Yeah, I really love it.

――So, the Hachiko movie is famous in Indonesia?

Keishia: Yeah, at that time, Hachiko movie so famous.
So, everybody watch it.

――Really? Mmm.

――Going back to singing, what is your dream?

Keishia: Ah, my dream is to become a professional singer.

――Professional singer?

Keishia: Yeah, because ah… I think it’s my childhood dream, too, to become a singer.

And, since this is my hobby, too.
This is… maybe be the career that I like.

――What kind of image do you have about professional singer?

Keishia: Umm, image… ah…

A professional singer is like they enjoy singing and they tell others what they’re feeling about the songs, and they impress the audience, maybe.

And, maybe a professional singer will write their own songs, their own feelings to others and, yeah, it’s like that.

――So, you’re gonna write a lot of famous songs?

Keishia: Uh… maybe… someday…

But, I’m not that talented on writing lyrics, but I can do like arrange and…

Yeah, I can’t really do the lyrics, sometimes.
But, I love writing songs, too. So… yeah.

――Thank you very much.

Keishia: Okay, thank you.