Queen (Brian May & Roger Taylor) Exclusive Interview by NHK on 17 Dec 2018

NHK interviewed Brian May and Roger Taylor (of Queen) exclusively for the first time after the release of movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”…


NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) interviewed Brian May and Roger Taylor (of Queen) exclusively for the first time after the release of movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Interview Script

――Why is the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” such a big hit?

Brian May:
I think what you see is a very good portrait of a man, very exceptional man, Freddie.
And you see his vulnerability, which is important.
You also see his strength.
And then, you see the battles that take place within him.
That I think is what the film succeeds in most.

Roger Taylor:
Apart from being a great showman and singer, but he was a great musician and composer.
And… so we wanted to make sure that that came over in the movie.

――About your first time coming to Japan

Roger Taylor:
In Britain, we became a bit popular.
And in America, we became a little bit popular.
But then, when we went to Japan, we were suddenly popular up here.

And it was fantastic.
And we never forget that.
The first time arriving at Haneda.

Brian May:
We did the Budokan, as you said, the very first one.
And suddenly there was this kind of heaving mass of excitement and… energy.
And it blew us away.

And I think it really propelled us to a new place.

――About the pain Freddie Mercury had inside

Brian May:
Sometimes it would be in writing a song where a certain conversation would get triggered
because we’re trying to channel our feelings into the song
and a good example is “It’s A Hard Life”.

He had these feelings about a man.
I had these feeling about a woman.
We communicated a lot about the pain that we’re dealing with.

And you know I have a beautiful mansion here.
I have a great life apparently.
But I still have the pain inside.

――Freddie was great at getting connected with audience

Roger Taylor:
Freddie became absolutely a master of getting this interaction.
And… so we would’ve felt at one, you know.

When he sings “We Are The Champions”, it means not “us”, we are all the champions, you know.
So it’s a great feeling of togetherness, and that’s what it’s all about, really, you know.

Brian May:
And he’s a channel for the big show, but he’s also a channel for the emotinal content of what’s actually in the songs, which is very, very basic human.
It’s about dreams and disappointments and love and, you know, wanting to break free.
If there’s a secret to Queen, I’d say I think it’s on the basis of kind of being… being about people, and not being about rock stars.

――About the song “Teo Torriatte/Let Us Cling Together”

Brian May:
I like the way Japanese people think.
You know, I like the idea of respect.

I had this desire to make a song which would express the bond that we felt with Japan.
You know the thing that held us together.

――About the current world

Roger Taylor:
There’s too many borders and rules and, you know, cultural restrictions.
And I don’t believe any of that, really.

I think we should think freely, and you know, everyone is different.

Brian May:
I am an internationalist.
And what’s going on in the world at the moment is kind of rebirth of nationalism.
With all… in my mind, with all the evils of that I really hate.

I like to build bridges, not walls.
So I hate what’s going on in America.

So I’m hoping this is just a sort of period that the world is going through, and after we’ve done this, we’ll go back to making the world one planet.